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Heat Treated Pallets

Internationally agreed heat treatment standards for wooden packaging (ISPM15) help protect and encourage the safe use of timber packaging throughout the world.

Timber treatment enhances the quality and life span of timber products and we are pleased to offer a range of heat treated pallets.

We offer ISPM15 compliant heat treated pallets and are happy to provide a 'heat-treat-only' service for timber products not manufactured by us.

Timber  is  naturally  renewable  and  hygienic  to  use;  properly  maintained  it  provides  poor living conditions for bacteria.  Recent studies within the food industry show that, wooden pallets have a lower microbiological load than plastic.

Our Heat treated Pallets Or, our Heat treated Used Timber Pallets could be the solution?

Timber pallets, packing crates and boxes can be heat treated, repaired, maintained and recycled, providing industry with cost-effective and bio-degradable transportation and storage solutions.

Timber products are more environmentally friendly; they result in a significant carbon dioxide reduction that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere.

We ensure the life  span of a timber  product is  maximised  from the initial  design and manufacture, heat treatment to decals, seeking to help our clients achieve optimum recycling potential, and assisting with wooden packaging management, tailoring our products and services to individual needs.

Our  Heat  treated Bespoke Timber Products could be the solution?  Whatever  the wooden product we endeavour to deliver, heat treated or not! For further information, please contact us.

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