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We are able to offer our customers the ability to process thousands of ISPM15 compliant heat treated pallets every week due to our state of the art on-site kiln.

ISPM15 is an internationally agreed standard for the treatment of wood packaging. It covers pallets, cases and crates that are manufactured from non-man made wooden materials. Materials such as plywood and chipboard, which pose no risk, are exempt. In order for wood packaging to become compliant it is required to undergo either a process of heat treatment or fumigation, both of which must be carried out to an agreed standard and by an approved source. Only once the packaging has been treated it may be officially marked as ISPM15 compliant.

ISPM15 is  being adopted worldwide to minimise the risk of unintentional plant pest transportation.

It is required that the core temperature of the timber is heated to 56 C for 30 minutes. To achieve this, the timber is placed in our kiln with temperature probes inserted into the core of the timber. The kiln is heated and computer monitored to ensure the core temperature is achieved and maintained for 30 minutes.

Approved heat treated timber in the UK will be stamped with the UK Wood Packaging Material Marking Programme (WPMMP) stamp, which is governed by the Forestry Commission which inspects our kiln every 6 months.   Every pallet must be stamped in a visible location (Pallet Block), documentary evidence (Heat Treatment Certificate) provided with any order for heat treated pallets. The stamp must include the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) Logo, a Treatment Code (HT), the Country Code (GB), and Forestry Commission (FC) Registration Number. Our Licence Number is: GB-FC0722

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