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Plastic Pallets

Conform to export standards without the need for heat treatment, although typically more expensive and not as easily recycled as their timber competitors, plastic pallets can provide an economic basis for logistics.

Plastic pallets can be made of either unmixed HDPE, polypropylene, or regenerated with re-granulated HDPE.

Rigid  and  lightweight,  robust  and  easy  to clean, resistant to acids, chemicals and  to solvents, and extreme temperature changes (-20 to 60+ degrees Celsius)

Designed  for one-trip use or long-life, available reversible or non-reversible, most are manufactured to be nest-able, maximising accessible space.

The  plastic  pallets  program  includes the UK Standard Size (1200 x 1000mm), the European Standard Size (1200x 800mm), and Industry-size (600 x 800mm).

We have an extensive new plastic pallet range available for immediate delivery and would be delighted to discuss your requirements with you. 

Our used plastic pallet stocks change daily and are subject to availability.

For further information, please contact us. 

Please note, whilst  we are happy to provide  our customers with new and used plastic pallets, we are unable to offer a repair and recycle service for plastic pallets. A nominal fee may also be charged for the removal and disposal of broken plastic pallets which are deemed unsuitable/unsafe for re-sale and/or re-use.