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Used Pallet Catalogue...

Our Used Pallet Catalogue briefly details our most common used pallet stock sizes.  There are many more stock sizes available, and where stock  items are unsuitable, we can design and build Bespoke Timber Products . All available  heat  treated to ISPM15. Please contact us for more information.

A few points to consider when choosing your preferred pallet type:

Two Way or Four Way Entry?

Is it  necessary for you  or your customer  to be able  to enter the pallet  from all four directions, or from two directions only? A four way entry is more versatile, a two way entry pallet however, generally forms a stronger construction and can be purchased at a somewhat lower price due to its lower timber content.

What will you wish to palletise?

Consider the product(s) you intend to palletise, and the best stacking pattern. Dependant on these factors you should then have a good idea of the pallet size required, and the top deck coverage needed.

Lifespan of your pallet?

If the pallet is to be used for internal  requirements  only or distributed within a closed circuit,  a more robust pallet will pay dividends. If you are distributing your products on a general basis, with little guarantee the pallet will be returned, a mid range pallet should be chosen. If a one trip pallet is required the lowest possible specification must be incorporated, ensuring it will safely carry your product from start to finish.

Also consider the products you are handling, whether it will form a well spread load or be 'point loaded', and will the loaded pallet be stored in pallet racking?     CLICK HERE TO OPEN OUR USED PALLET CATALOGUE